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The Marco Di Maggio r'n'r Guitar Factory

  • Guitar Clinics
  • Private Stages and Lessons
  • Music Productions
  • Mixing, Editing and Mastering
  • Soundtracks, Spots and more
bottom what we do ?

Services for guitarists, artists and bands

Marco Di Maggio R'n'R Guitar Factory is a project that involves a full range of services that are not strictly related to the guitarist alone, but are also catered to those bands that are interested in Artistic Productions, full Studio Productions etc.., in collaboration with the best recording studios in Florence, even for just a complete supervising job, and (on demand), including the participation of Marco and his other co-workers as Session Men for your albums and/or projects, both studio and live..

Also, if you are looking for other services related major musical activities and support, such as:
Services lute making specialized, Conventions with Recording Studios, Dj set, Instrumentation Repair, Music Stores etc.., you will find on this page all the necessary.

The Marco Di Maggio R'n'r Guitar Factory

Guitar Clinics, Private Guitar Lessons and Personal Stages, Studio Recording, Mixing, Editing and Mastering, Artistic Productions, Studio Sessions, Artistic Director, Composer, Soundtracks and Jingles for TV - Radio - Web

Why MdM R'n'R Guitar Factory ?

MdM R'n'R Guitar Factory is a project that involves a full range of services that are not strictly related to the guitarist alone, but are also catered to bands and artists


Session Man requests

During the last 25 years of his great career, Marco released several albums all over the world, Usa, Germany, Finland, Italy, collecting very important live and studio collaborations with some of the greatest of all time: Terry Williams (Dire Straits), Johnny Farina (Santo & Johnny), Robert Gordon, Slim Jim Phantom (Straycats), Dave Roe (bassist for Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, Dwyght Yoakam), Linda Gail Lewis, Dj Fontana (Elvis' drummer) ...just to name a few from a big list...
if you wish to give that touch of class to your upcoming release, feel free to contact him directly!


Guitar Clinics

Marco can show his many brilliant guitar techniques throughout his guitar clinics... Rockabilly, R'n'R, Fingerpicking, Country, Blues, Western Swing, Surf and more... From the original style to the contemporary sound.


Soundtracks, Spots and more

Marco wrote many songs and soundtrack, both for his projects and for world's famous Tv series, from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia. His song "You'll Be Mine" has been featured on the famous Tv Movie "Friends" and many others were featured for Nba, Honda, Santal, Telecom, Aia. He could release your Soundtrack for a movie or for a Tv, Radio and Web Spot..


Guitar Lessons and Personal Stages

Do you need a full immersion into the Rockabilly / R'n'R Guitar picking? Marco teaches how to approach this genre and even if you live far away you can book you private guitar stage with him.


Artistic Production

Are you a band or a single artist/musician and do you need to expose your music at top level and with a distinctive sound? You can release your album with the best assistance, from arrangements, recording, mixing, mastering and editing.


Mixing, Editing and Mastering

In case you have already recorded your album in studio, and you are in possession of separate tracks or the complete master, you can request quote and advice for mixing, editing and mastering..


Organization of Events / Festivals / Artistic Director

Contact the R'n'R Guitar Factory if you are about to organize Festivals and Events related to culture R'n'R and not only, or if you are looking for an Art Director who will be able to better coordinate the events of your local, thanks to a large database and years of experience in the world of entertainment.


Concerts & Bookings

Marco is available for Live events with his various projects / bands:

The Di Maggio Connection, The Di Maggio Bros., Marco Di Maggio Trio, The Thunder Twins, Stratosphere Boogie Men.


..and not only

In addition, The R'n'R Guitar Factory works with the best professionals and can offer the following services:

  • LUTE MAKER/GUITAR TECH – Everything for an optimal setting of your instruments
  • DJ Set – With Dj specialized in Rockin 'Record Hop, Rockabilly, Rocking Blues, Swing, R'n'B, R'n'R, Surf, Northern Soul
  • RECORDING STUDIO – With highly specialized studios for Live shooting
  • DISTRIBUTION – We work with professional Labels for Physics and Digital Distribution
  • WEB DESIGN   ( LG-Design.it | +39 340 9659983 | info@lg-design.it)
  • GRAPHICS - We partner with specialized graphic artists and we can provide Artwork for Covers Albums, Posters, Flyers, etc..
  • SOUND ENGINEERS AUDIO / LIGHTS - among our staff, Technical experts for both live and recording studio
  • REHEARSAL ROOM - Contact us if you need a rehearsal room in Florence area
  • PHOTO SERVICES - Services for albums, Posters and Live Reportages
  • REPAIR SHOP - We report the best technicians in the area

MdM R'n'R Guitar Factory is the perfect solution for the professional

MdM R'n'R Guitar Factory Team

For several years now Marco worked with Matteo Giannetti (double bass and electric bass), Marco Barsanti (drums) (with which form The Di Maggio Connection), Massimo Di Maggio (guitar and voice in the formation Di Maggio Bros.), excellent instrumentalists with important national and international collaborations

Marco di Maggio

Guitar and voice

Exponent of the international scene R'n'R and considered by the press as one of the best guitarists in the world. He has performed in the US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Latvia, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, participating in various editions of prestigious Festival.

Matteo Giannetti

Double bass and Electric bass

Musician and composer. Toured with: Marco Di Maggio, Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Maurizio Solieri, Funkareem, Angelo Messini, Marco Parente, Extradivarius, Claudio Gabelloni, M° Italo Lilly Greco, Linda Gayl Lewis, Robert Gordon, Johnny Farina, Greg, Massimo Altomare, Kimiko Kunezaky, O.R.O, La Camera Migliore, Max Gazzè, Marina Rei, Naena, The Jelly Factory.

Marco Barsanti


Florentine Drummer active since 1990, has played in Italy and abroad with many artists and groups, ranging from Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz and Pop Author. He played with Alchimia, Tracks di Rick Hutton, Andrea Franchi (Paolo Benvegnù), Linda Gael Lewis, Robert Gordon, Di Maggio Connection, Shockbilly Orchestra, Leo Boni trio feat. "Sax" Gordon Beadle (Duke Robbilard) ..

Massimo Di Maggio

Guitar and voice

Together with Marco form the "Di Maggio Bros." The band formed in '97 by an idea of brothers Marco Di Maggio and Massimo Di Maggio, currently enshrined in the international press as a synonym for Rockabilly Doc. In fact, the only Italian band induced in the prestigious Official Rockabilly Hall of Fame, based in Nashville, USA.

Keep in touch

The Superpicker! Marco Di Maggio combines great feeling with overwhelming techniques and he is unbelievably fast!
Rock And Roll Universe – Germany

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